Database – African diaspora

Coordinated by professor Aldair Rodrigues, this projects aims to collect and disclose information about the enslaved population that lived in Minas Gerais in the 18th century. Its main goals are: a) to gain knowledge about the origins of Africans and their descendants, based on their “nations”, making it possible to locate new traffic routes in the African continent according to this classification; b) to offer elements regarding the social experience of Africans that lived in the mining region; c) to provide biographic approaches through tracking the same person at different moments of life; d) to allow Brazilian citizens descending from Africans to track genealogies of their ancestors; e) to build interactive digital atlases to be used in classes of elementary and middle school, contributing to the implementation of Law 10.639/2003, which made mandatory the teaching of History of Africa and Afro-Brazilian Culture. The database’s main information is collected from notarial, tax, prison, and inquisitorial documents preserved in colonial archives.