COVID-19 memory at global scale

Coronarchive Global

COVID-19 is a global phenomenon; its archives go beyond Unicamp and Brazil, occurring throughout the whole world. This project seeks to surpass national boundaries to look at digital archiving as a global theoretical issue, based on memorial reactions to the novel coronavirus. We give special attention to the periphery, where the pandemic has had major intensity, breaking through boundaries and shaping transnational characters. Although there are already important initiatives for a global mapping of COVID-19 memory projects, one may notice an important gap as to the detection and appreciation of the so-called Global South or, more precisely, Latin America, Africa, and Asia. As a result, databases are given subsidies for the analysis and understanding of such archives as a global phenomenon, which improves comparative exercises at the quantitative and qualitative level. Moreover, there are increased opportunities for worldwide institutional partnerships, which contributes to the qualification of researchers and to the consolidation of resources for research and scientific debates within CHD.

Lines of research:

I. Mapping and understanding the archiving of the pandemic around the world



II. Archives and memories of the pandemic in global peripheries


*Dashboard: Coronarchive Brazil

*Dashboard: Coronarchive Latin America