COVID-19 memory in Brazil

Coronarquivo Brasil

This line of research studies the agents, resources, and collections of digital archiving initiatives related to the COVID-19 memory in Brazil. In addition to the Coronarchive, several other similar initiatives have arisen in the country. The forms of constitution of collections, the responsible agents, the infrastructural conditions, and the documentary focus, however, vary according to the initiative, which creates a constellation of digital archives that is both rich and methodologically challenging. This project investigates the particulars of different initiatives, based on oral history interviews with the main leaders of the archives and on ethnographic and comparative analyses of different cases. In addition to contributing to the consolidation of a network of initiatives that starts to operate in an organic and joint manner, this project also supports the characterization of the experience of Brazilian digital archives, providing resources for research and presenting new theoretical challenges to Humanities.


Mapping COVID-19 initiatives of memory in Brazil


Dashboard: Coronarquivo Brasil